The Movement

Think Don't Shoot is not only an organization. TDS is a MOVEMENT that inspires HOPE into the lives of those who have lost their way. Hope is the single most important thing that each and every one of us can have. The second you lose hope is the second you have lost everything. There are youth in our streets and in our communities that have lost hope and are now trying to find it in negative and destructives ways.

Think Don’t Shoot is dedicated to providing youth with positive inspiration through means that have yet to be explored by other organizations. Here are a few ways TDS is currently spreading the movement:

TDS Presentations:

The TDS movement is currently being spread in your community. The founder of Think Don't Shoot, Leo Barbe, is providing presentations to High Schools, Colleges, Community Centre’s and Youth Organizations within the G.T.A, with the intentions of spreading the TDS movement within the School Board.

The TDS presentation focuses on connecting youth with the TDS fundamentals along with introducing youth to the TDS movement in a unique and entertaining way. All proceeds from the presentation are used to fund TDS initiatives.

If you are interested in having Leo Barbe and TDS at your School, Community Centre, or Youth Organization please contact Leo directly at:

Please see the attached TDS document for further information on the TDS presentation objectives: Download TDS Objectives PDF.

TDS Clothing

With the unique look of the Think Don't Shoot logo and design, TDS is able to provoke curiosity through our first line of Think Don't Shoot T-shirts. Not only are they affective at promoting awareness for TDS but the revenue they create is reinvested into the organization to support Think Don't Shoot initiatives.

To order your own TDS T-shirt, please click here.

TDS Music/Arts

Think Don't Shoot has been able to connect with a wide variety of music artists and genres from across North America. TDS understands the importance of creativity and self expression. We are dedicated to working with all artists from all forms of art to help spread the TDS movement and have it seen and heard on a larger platform.

Please make sure to check out the TDS artists currently helping to spread the movement of hope and positive change by clicking here.

TDS Events

Think Don't Shoot has recently started its own line of corporate events in Toronto. TDS has been able to bring on an amazing team dedicated to spreading the TDS movement within the Toronto party scene.

Unlike other event organizations, Think Don't Shoot’s main goal is to spread a positive message. Whether it is the fundamental objectives of Think Don't Shoot or to spread awareness and raise money for local communities, TDS events will make it happen in a new and exciting way.

Slaying the Dragon - A story of hope and survival

The founder of Think Don't Shoot, Leo Barbe, is also a published author. His first book, Slaying the Dragon is a cathartic look at Posttraumatic Stress and also a true story of how Leo was able to turn pain and suffering into a movement that inspires hope into the lives of those who lost their way.

To find out more about the book please make sure to visit:

To order your copy of the book please visit:

Join the movement today!